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Why Musician's Horoscopes?
We could just read what's already being written out there and try to make those 9-5 generalizations fit what we do as musicians and performers but many times it just doesn't make sense. This book was written to fill that information gap because we are different in every way and in everything we do.

How will a Sign interact in a group situation -- on the road, on stage or off? What do they have to offer productively, creatively, or collectively? Do they crave the spotlight or just a piece of quiet fame?

Each Sign's chapter includes:
Their Personality
Their Astrological House and how it rules their day to day
The body part most closely associated with that sign
How they operate within the group dynamic
...and famous Musicians and Performers of that sign

I've taken my interest in Astrology, mixed it with my experience as a Musician and created Musician's Horoscopes for the Musician and performer in you, or for you, if you have a Musician and Performer in your life. Wouldn't you like to know a little bit more about what makes us do what we do?

Peace, Duane Huff
Musician's Horoscopes a Musician for Musicians
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